Bank Job

Release Date:1st June 2012
Platform: iOS universal and Android

Coming Soon to NOOK Family of Devices by Barnes & Noble

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Bank Job is a challenging, fast paced, running game that is easy to pick up and play and has a unique toon inspired style with a cool swinging jazz soundtrack.

Help bungled burglar, Paulie Barbosa, escape the high security vaults while collecting as much loot as possible. Reach checkpoints to deposit loot or get hurt and lose it forever. Climb up and down between the vaults and sewers all while avoiding high-tech security lasers, spikes, anvils and spinning grinders.

Use the latest in hat fashion to help Paulie make a clean getaway. Want to make some big runs? Just use the Viking Helm to give you a huge, Nordic leap. Want to make every piece of loot count? Wear the crown and take the risk out of collecting. Are you a bit of a gambler? Put on the poker had and choose a card to multiply your haul by up to five times! These, and many other hats will make you the perfect bank robber!
Choose from the five in-app purchases to give your loot the boost it needs to make buying hats a sinch. Grab a little loot for a small amount, or get a billion pieces and never worry about collecting again.

Get as far as you can, or collect the most loot, the choice is yours to make!

Bank Job
Bank Job

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“You can’t beat a good side-scrolling platformer, and Bank Job is our new favourite — and not just because the action is genuinely challenging” – See full review here


“Screwtape Studios is the developer of Bank Job and Conduction, their only games in Google Play so far. Bank Job is extremely fun, pretty original and, most important: challenging enough to keep you playing for a long time. Definitely recommended.” – See full Review here.



  • Charming presentation; clean, simple cartoonish 3D visuals.
  • Hats act as both an incentive and a reward.” – See full review here.

“This is a unique endless runner game, with an innovative idea that will endlessly entertain all kinds of users to play. It is challenging enough, but definitely has a simple and straight-forward concept so it’s easy to grasp for kids and adults alike.” – See full review here.


“Best of all? Bank Job is free. Yeah, there is an in-app purchase system that can help you get ahead and afford more cool hat boosts, but you don’t have to spend a lotta green to enjoy this app, which is definitely a must in any title. Fans of the runner genre definitely owe it to themselves to check out this app. It’s a lot of fun, with some unique gaming features that are original and interesting. Go get it.” – See Full review here.


“So, we found this game to be very good. The characterization, whether it be the burglar or the hats, were awesome. Also, the graphics of the game were quite fascinating and unique. The cartoon based modeling was a very good idea and we appreciate the performance of the game too. The concept of hat was innovative but could be used in many other possible ways. Also, the price quotes are a little higher.” – See full review here.


As far as Endless runners goes, Bank Job is easily one of the more original feeling titles  and I definitely recommend it for fans of this genre.” – Read Full Review here


“It all looks pretty smart and even comes with a phenomenal swing soundtrack in the style of the bank robbers movies from the ’60s. As an additional element of the game, there is the possibility Paulie auszustaffieren with different hats, then the guarantee various bonuses. ” – Read Full review here


“Bank Job for Android is a fast-paced running game for gamers of all ages and backgrounds, it’s absolutely worth your time and effort. If you like Temple Run, you’ll love this game, don’t miss it!” – See Full write up here – See full review here – Full Review here – Full review here – Read the review here – Full write up here – Full Review here – Click here for full review



Bank Job is created by:

Anthony Wood
Megan Summers
Ben Wiessbock
Michael Freeman
Chris Cleghorn